Video Analysis for Biometric Face Recognition

Face Recognition/Authentication for
Self-Service Kiosks and Machines


Video Analysis for Biometric Face Recognition

TFace-Recognition is a Biometric Artificial Intelligence based video analysis application for identifying or verifying uniquely a person, by comparing its facial features detected from digital images or video frames with faces within a database.

Integrable with the major cameras and VMS market leaders, TFace is flexible and modular for any application field and, if necessary, customizable by project for specific functional requirements.

How Can DFace Help You?


– Identification of suspects, wanted criminals, shoplifters, missing persons
– Screening of persons at borders, sensitive places or critical infrastructures
– Forensic investigation


– Automatic access management for restricted areas, buildings, and facilities
– Identification of unauthorized, unknown or unwanted persons
– Device or process login


– Identification of VIP or loyal customers
– Customers’ dwell time
– Digital signage and tailored messages

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