Video Analysis for Intelligent Video Surveillance

Detect, Classify, and Track Objects.
Humans, Vehicles, and Pets.

ANPR/ALPR License Plate Recognition.
Fast & Accurate!

Face Recognition for Access Control.
Fast, Secure, and Frictionless!


Video Analysis for Intelligent Video Surveillance

Born from the results of more than 35 years of research activities, DTrack is the largest and most complete suite of Video Analysis functions.
Constantly up to date with the scientific state of the art, DTrack always integrates all the latest video analysis algorithms and methods for the most performing and reliable intelligent video surveillance solutions.

Why DTrack?

DFace is available with 24/7 functions based-in cameras and other softwares

Integrated with all the major market-leading brands of VMS and cameras

DFace provides availability for project-based customizations

Hardware independent software-based solution

Nnumerous Available Functions


Gate Flow

Area Counting

Occupancy Rate

Hot Zones


Left Object

Stolen Object


Panic Disorder

Slip Fall


AV Speed

Stationary Vehicle

Wrong Way

Smoke Fire

Face Detection


Skimmer Detection

Parking Lot


PTZ Stand Alone

Lack Refill

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